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Pratiques esséniennes pour une nouvelle Terre

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Pratiques esséniennes pour une nouvelle Terre

Anne Givaudan, a french author and healer is known for her best selling esoteric books that were translated into many languages. Among which are “The Way of the Essenes: Christ’s Hidden Life Remembered ” and “The nine steps: A story of birth and rebirth”, both co–written with Daniel Meurois. Her work is mainly about Essenes Culture, Akashic records and profound energetic understandings of the subtle worlds. All her profound knowledge comes from out of body experiences.

In this small book “Pratiques esséniennes pour une nouvelle Terre”, which speaks about the traditional practices of the Essenes, I created drawings that illustrate the various stages of life which are elaborated here and accompanied with beautiful rituals of initiation for each of these phases in our lives.


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