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Aboriginal Wisdom Keepers

To me, standing in solidarity with indigenous cultures is not only because of interest or my sense of justice. It is, because they preserve a connection to the natural world and its living Spirit that we as humans are ever part of. Their act of preservation is for all of us. They are keeping the sacred bond alive for us all. Because our forgetfulness is killing us. We basically are their little brother doing nonsense.


“…Aboriginal spirituality is deeply linked to the land which “owns” Aboriginal people. All objects are living and share the same soul or spirit Aboriginal people share. For the Yankunytjatjara Aboriginal people from north-west South Australia the law of Kanyini implies that everybody is responsible for each other. It is a principle of connectedness that underpins Aboriginal life. And because of connection, Kanyini teaches to look away from oneself and towards community: “We practise Kanyini by learning to restrict the ‘mine-ness’, and to develop a strong sense of ‘ours-ness’,” explains Aboriginal Elder Uncle Bob Randall. He continues: “We do not separate the material world of objects we see around us with our ordinary eyes, and the sacred world of creative energy that we can learn to see with our inner eye. …. We work through ‘feeling’, what white people call intuitive awareness.”. “White people,” Uncle Bob says, “separate things out, even the relationship between their minds and their bodies, but especially between themselves and other people and nature… [and] spirit.” All elements of the Earth are interconnected: the people, the plants and animals, land forms and celestial bodies. Everything is related to each other…”


– From J. Korff, What is Aboriginal spirituality?

Model: Magnolia Maymurru

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