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The Sacred Womb

When you were a baby
in your mother’s womb,
darkness cradled you
in its utmost safety
and deep silence,
throughout all movements,
changes, growth, and challenges.

She held you tight
the sacred womb,
was a portal between divine light
and a yet unknown world.
She nourished you with sweetness
and the heartbeat of your mother.
Forever she imprinted the sense
of feeling held and protected.

But since the first breath,
this body keeps on yearning
for that love and care of the mother’s womb.
Subconsciously driven, seeking
like a wounded lamb.

But behold!
You have never lost that place.
You are still resting forever
in the great Sacred Womb
of our Divine Mother.

The deep, silent, profound darkness
still holds you.
Do you hear?
Turn your ears within,
there is a heartbeat of all life –
Don’t fear.
Don’t turn away.

Sit in that darkness, remain in the unknown,
don’t try to avoid it.
She is benevolent.
She knows you.
She has all the answers.
The emptiness is Love,
allowing you to be.
Birthing you constantly.
Feel, you are being held
within one cosmic womb,
ever connected to your Soul.

Sacred womb
Sacred portal
Sacred holding
Sacred birthing
Sacred connection
Sacred world.

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