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Beloved Pakistan…

Analog photography

The decision to share my old photography came from people insisting that I need to share these precious and still analog images. in 2002 during a land travel from Europe to India I traveled through beautiful Pakistan, still quite untouched by mass tourism as found in India.

While some countries have a bad reputation among the mass media, these are the true travelling pearls. My experience with Pakistani people was at times rough, but mostly very warm hearted and extremely generous. In the Kashmiri mountains the remote areas along Karakoram highway lead through paradisiac valleys until up to China and give entrance to rural tribal people who live quite astonishing lives among the massive 8000m mountain peaks. On the other side Lahore as centre to Sufi ceremonies and melting pot of Qawwali music is a real cultural treasure. Quetta with its proximity to Afghanistan is my favorite secret spot for the best shawls on earth.

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