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UPRC Rwanda



Ubwungo is a Rwandan word that describes the African tradition of healing, of mending together that which is broken.


The UPRC aspires to become the first holistic place for Rwandans to share their positive stories of reconciliation with the 1994 genocide. UPRC is a long-term hearth project from CARSA Rwanda.


The project is a vision in the making, and inspires to collect, tell and save Rwandans experiences of reconciliation, promote their stories of solidarity, peace, and hope for future generations and share their insights with the rest of the world.


By building a future-oriented campus outside of Kigali, Rwanda, UPRC intends to provide visitors with examples of reconciliation after genocide and mass killings, in order to increase awareness and understanding in post-conflict societies.

The UPRC’s multimedia research campus will serve local and global audiences, providing a platform for researchers and local community members to work together. It will be a pioneering space of learning and knowledge exchange on the post-genocide journey of Rwanda.


It was an honour to create UPRC’s website and support this heart touching project in its journey of reconciliation between perpetrators and victims who so closely live together since over 20 years.

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