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Paradoxes are one

There are two movements,
inseparable and seemingly opposite, 
but absolutely intimately related.

We try to figure out
which vision of “ourselves” we truly are.
Believe there is a choice to be made.
And find ourselves over again
in a new position,
that annihilate the vision found before.
And we realize that this is never-ending.

This cannot end on one side,
because the two are celebrating 
the most intimate dance of oneness.

There is no right and wrong.
Because they both ARE.
If we can see,
those opposites can both be true,
at the same moment
in the same place,
everything returns to be free.
Welcomed and cherished for its existence.

Then we see not only the stars,
but the space between them.
The mind’s vision
and the soul’s vision.
and movement.
Human form
and absolute formlessness.

And relativity becomes a play.

Liberated from the burden 
of an impossible preference,
comes to rest,
and full of tenderness and marvel
IT enjoys the perfection of the view.

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