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Helena Zingarella

About me

It is my greatest joy to build bridges between human beings, projects, ideas, inspirations and creative actions that support meaningful visions and sustainable, conscious life forms. My journey has been guided by creative impulses. In it’s unfolding I have discovered mostly myself – and the utter beauty inherent in everything. Having a refined eye for universal beauty and the harmony that underlies reality as it exists in form, allows me to tune into possibilities of visual expression inherent in every project being birthed. I experience the visual aspect of any undertaking to be of profound meaning, not only in terms of aesthetics but as a means of transmitting message and understanding as well. Trained in scientific illustration and art education, the mediums to which I am drawn have expanded over the years. I seek to direct my experience toward meaningful projects that support a rising consciousness and offer my portfolio in hopes that it inspires you to reach out in collaboration so that your deepest visions and highest intentions are given the visual expression that best brings forth their value and beauty. I am a mother to a beautiful daughter of 16 and live in Zurich, Switzerland.