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This art comes from Consciousness to serve Consciousness –   I’m an artist using various media to bring visual expression to projects with purpose.


SATTVA – Art for the Heart

“Sattva” is a Sanskrit term which stands for one of the three qualities of existence. It could be described as the quality of harmony, holistic goodness, luminosity and serenity inherent in all life. It is the quality that is evoked when we give ourselves to creativity and a healthy, peaceful lifestyle – one that observes the rhythms of nature and our inmost truth. Sattvic art is what I offer in service to conscious projects from all over the world. It is my desire to serve with that with which I have been gifted and to contribute to a sustainable world with compassion and care, through the means of inspiration and beauty. Conscious projects from the fields of sustainability, ecology, spirituality or of other life affirming nature, find a creative, inspired artist in me – bubbling with ideas and the sensitivity required to tune in and co–create. Love for an intuitive approach, collaboration, connection and communication is the ground upon which my inspiration grows and allows me to offer your unique project the illustrative expression that resonates with your vision. The combination of my artistic skills and spiritual evolution has served to deepen my capacity to bring forth the imagery that best nurtures each project as it blooms, supporting its essence as it emerges vibrantly into the world. Networking is the new way. With heart, clarity and openness.